jeudi 19 mars 2015

Champions League: all kneeling before Lionel Messi

Small bridges which Fernandinho and Milner will remember, a bright opening to provide a profit Rakitic, aggressiveness flawless on the ball carrier, a vision of outstanding play, Lionel Messi has offered a true recital Wednesday night against Manchester, the Argentine has honored its four Ballons d'Or delivering an unforgettable performance.

Author of a decisive pass, it would also have been able to afford one or even two goals if Joe Hart had not interposed brilliantly before him in the second half. After the game, many players of the game that greeted her titanic match, like Ivan Rakitic: "Perhaps you will think me a little heavy but it is impressive. What he does is incredible. Even Manchester City players have enjoyed watching him play. It was not good as the first time he has been impressive during the 90 minutes. We want to continue with it, especially since it does not stop, and still enjoy, "said he let go at the end of the match.

The Catalan coach Luis Enrique did not hide his pleasure either in a press conference: "This is the best player in the world, no doubt, of the present time and even the history of football. Its presence is a plus, it is obvious and we are delighted to have him with us. I am delighted. "Significantly less delighted, but also admiration, Manuel Pellegrini has recognized the genius talent Barcelona:" In the first half when Messi grabbed the ball, he has created a great imbalance. Not just to clear his opponents but also to bring danger in front of goal, creating spaces and give good balls. We had to control the better. In all cases, it is very fast and agile, always one step ahead and it unbalanced us. "That the Chilean technician and console, many more will pass over his blade by the end of the season.

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